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      China's hardware industry development direction

      As an important member of the manufacturing industry, in recent years, China's hardware industry has started from the upgrading of equipment, the high-end of the value chain and the improvement of the standard level, and continuously promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industry and high-quality development. In the view of China National Hardware Association, the high-quality development of the hardware industry not only refers to the improvement of product quality, but also includes the development of standards, revision and manufacturing, brand building, operation management, service experience and other aspects of quality improvement. .
      "Manufacturing intelligent transformation is the trend of the times, unswervingly accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing, promoting the in-depth integration of informationization and industrialization, and realizing the transformation of manufacturing quality, efficiency and power, is an inevitable requirement for promoting China's manufacturing to high-quality development." At the "2018 Intelligent Manufacturing International Conference" held on the 9th, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, clearly pointed out.
      Chinese hardware companies start to improve equipment and efficiency
      The core of high-quality development is inseparable from the improvement of equipment and efficiency, as well as hardware manufacturing enterprises.
      At present, planning and step-by-step manufacturing and product upgrading are becoming an important task for more and more enterprises, and have gained obvious economic and social benefits. For example, since the introduction of the "Intelligent Manufacturing Automation Engineering" project in 2013, Wanhe Electric Gaoli Thermal Power Plant has invested about 150 million yuan in the past five years for on-site automation equipment and information transformation, integrating equipment, molds and robots. As one, automatic production is realized. The factory also introduced the MES information system, which can realize dynamic monitoring and real-time traceability of production planning, personnel, equipment, materials, quality, etc., and achieve intelligent upgrade in the production chain. Compared with 2013, the current output of Wanhe Gaoli Factory has increased by 133%, the automation rate has increased by 25%, the per capita output value has increased to 1.65 million yuan/year, with a year-on-year increase of 111% and personnel reduction by 50%.
      In addition to the upgrading and upgrading of new hardware companies such as kitchen appliances, traditional hardware companies are not far behind. They have shown a strong development trend by continuously adjusting the industrial structure. Ningbo Ameike Copper Valve Co., Ltd., as the largest research and production base of brass valves in China, attaches importance to transformation and upgrading. At present, more than 80% of key production processes have been automated. In recent years, Meide Group Co., Ltd. has focused on the concept of green environmental protection, automation and short-process development, and has done the article of "reducing staff and increasing efficiency" and "reducing staff and increasing capital". In its technical park automation Ma Steel second-line technical transformation project, the company invested 180 million yuan to introduce high-end equipment and new technologies and new processes, with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons, achieving modern integration of traditional manufacturing and greatly improving production efficiency.
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