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      The development trend of China's hardware accessories processing industry in the next few years

      1. Cooperation between enterprises will be strengthened
      In order to get a competitive competitive position and improve competitiveness, the world is competing. Property capital is another theme of industry operation. In 2004, Supor and Vantage were listed, and Hongbao was also actively working for the listing. Wanhe’s capital market operation will not stop due to the reorganization of Guangdong Meiya. From the perspective of capital, the current main feature is the expansion of capital. From the perspective of competitive behavior, cooperation in resource sharing among enterprises is increasing.
      2, the decomposition of enterprises in the South and North will further
      The direct consequence of this type of high-speed shock is the expansion of the trend of the decomposition of the North and South Pole in the hardware and accessories processing kitchen and bathroom brand.
      3, the competition between sales channels is also fierce day by day
      The quality pressure is increasing, due to the oversupply of kitchen and bathroom products processed by domestic hardware accessories. The sales channel has become one of the key competitive factors, and the parties are fighting for the channel to become fierce day by day. On the one hand, kitchen electric appliance manufacturers have strengthened their control over retail terminals, strive to reduce sales links, save sales expenses, and make sales channels develop in a specialized direction. The sales model of enterprises is developing in the direction of adapting to various markets at the same time. On the other hand, the trend of the development of the sales industry has made the status of large-scale home appliance chain stores rise from time to time, and the ability to control the industry has increased, and participation has led to price competition that was mainly dominated by manufacturers. Large retailers rely on their broad market coverage, sales scale and cost advantages, and their ability to control production companies in terms of product pricing and payment delivery will increase day by day.
      4. Market competition will shift to high-quality, high-tech products.
      The profit margins of all stages of the hardware processing property chain are being compressed, and the space for price reduction is decreasing day by day. More and more enterprises realize that price competition cannot establish core competitiveness alone, and it is not the direction of long-term development, so as to explore new development paths. Many hardware companies have increased their investment in technology, researched and developed new products with high technology content, and differentiated products as a long-term solution for enterprise development, seeking new market demand and establishing new economic growth points (entering small appliances and Other similar industries), followed by the depth of the competition. To achieve sustainable development of the company.
      5. The integration of enterprises at home and abroad will further accelerate
      To expand the international market faster, domestic hardware accessories processing enterprises in order to improve their own strength. It will accelerate the integration with foreign companies through various means to improve product quality and enhance competitiveness. While continuing to expand the markets of traditional countries such as the United States and Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and Africa will also bloom.
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